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Respond To Gifts You Don’t Like

“Hey! There’s a gift!”
“Well, well, well!”

Let’s Talk About You

Did you hear about the famous, egotistic author...

Geneology Questions

Questions sent in to genealogical publications

“So Far, So Good!”

Dear God,
So far today, I’ve done alright...

English Is Not Easy

We polish the Polish furniture
He could lead if he could get the lead out.

“You Should Know!”

“What’s your name?’ asked the store manager
of the young boy who was applying for a job

If You Must Speed

If you must speed, sing...

Murphy’s Laws

Nothing is as easy as it looks:
everything takes longer than you think.

Where Are The Stones?

Three preachers: a Catholic, a Baptist, and a Rabbi
were fishing on the lake...

More Murphy’s Laws

A day without sunshine is like, night.
I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory.

Who’s Dumb?

A scientist is on the train with a man
who seemed stupid

Monster In The Garage

A man was driving along a dusty road
when he ran out of gas...

Eating Peanuts

A preacher visiting an elderly woman sees
a large bowl of peanuts...

Unsuccessful Inventions

The waterproof towel
Glow in the dark sunglasses...

“Pull Over!”

A highway patrolman pulled alongside
a speeding car, and was astounded to see...

Stop or Slow Down

A man slows down instead of stopping
for a stop sign...

“But Officer.. !”

A police officer stops a speeding motorist
on Main street...

He Can Have It!

Lem: “ I got fired as a bank guard.”
Clem: “Tha’s awful. What happened?”

Guess -- How Many?

Two men were walking down a dirt path.
One of them had a potato sack over his shoulder.